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Az dealership  is a reliable and secure online marketplace for automobile trading, where prospects from any part of the globe can safely conduct transactions and make purchases online for cars.

Our clients include but not limited to :

  • Leading automobile retail dealers
  • Importers
  • Individuals who seek to purchase or sell cars

We pride ourselves in the fact that we are the #1 Online auto market with more cars buyers and sellers than any other online platform in USA.
We adopt effective through-the-line marketing strategies which ensures that we

  • MEET

Our clients growing automobile needs. Through careful and detailed study of our target clients, we cut through with  expertise and swift service delivery thereby expanding our reach
beyond the shores of the United State Of America.

We are:

  • Young
  • Driven
  • Proactive
  • Passionate
  • With fresh ideas/ innovations
  • With a cutting edge and thorough approach
  • With an eagerness that stems from a strong passion to succeed.


Our goal is to radically change the perception of online automobile trading in Arizona USA and the world at large and transforming the way the world buys, sells and owns cars.

Equipped with creative and effective marketing strategies, we aim to become that leading go-to- trading platform online that  serves as the one stop online destination for clients at just a click.

To maintain and sustain our long standing reputation as an online  auto trading site that is



Please read carefully.


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We are called Arizona dealership as a brand name and company registration name we are called Texas Luxury Motors Limited we are located in Arizona we deal on used cars new cars accident cars rebuild title salvage title.

Our address is
50 EVANS ST, AVONDALE, AZ 85393, UNITED STATE, Warehouse 1B, C 3D
Our website address: www.arizona-dealership.com
Our Inventory list: https://arizona-dealership.com/index.php/inventory/
Our Facebook page: Used cars abroad sales | Facebook
Our office number is : +1 833-281-2888
WhatsApp: +1 877 244 0104,
WhatsApp +1 (984) 223-0666







1. first you have to select the car you want to buy from our Facebook page or from our website www.arizona-dealership.com and send us the link via
Facebook message or to our email (info@arizona-dealership.com) or via WhatsApp along side with your delivery location for a full quote.

2. you need to tell us your CIF port destination details country city state town for a formal quote.

3. then when we receive this information from you we give you instant current quote of car cost and delivery cost.

Keynote: understand that when you are planning to buy a car from us, you will have to pay for the following charges.

Taxes 15% of the total cost of the car sales, Shipping cost to Europe cost $1600, E.g., Georgia republic Poti Port, Romanian Constanta port.

Shipping to Africa cost $1600 Asia, is $1400 E.g. Algeria port, Cotonou Port, Lagos Port, Ivory coast port. Cost $1600

other bills that will be included to your invoice is listed below.
Insurance cost $600
paperwork cost $200
Loading cost $200
tax: $1500 for cars under 2010 model
tax : $3850 for cars from 2015-2021 model


4. after receiving our car quote & you are okay with our price quote then you can provide your personal information to enable us to issue invoice to you for payment.
the information we will require to send you invoice are listed below.

Buyer full name
Buyer full address
Buyer full delivery address (this is applicable for USA buyer)
Buyer port name
Buyer City town Country
Buyer email and telephone number
Indicate the car you want to buy by sharing the link
Buyer Clear ID copy
Date of payment
Bank name
ID clear copy
Total amount


please understand that we do not sell our cars on credit facilities.
no instalment payment is allowed.
we do not finance.
we do not ship car to get paid when car arrive at buyer destination.
all payment must be confirmed by our company account department before we can process with shipment.
and if you are not comfortable with our procedures, please do not contact us otherwise we might ban you from our page for wasting our time.


we are reputable company operating since 2009 once we confirm your payment, we process your car for delivery immediately.

for buyers that want a contract of sales to secure there right before purchase please note that extra $300 for lawyer fees will be added to your invoice

Caution: for those people that have friend and family in united states, and you want them to inspect the car before payment, you are most welcome our address can be found on our website
www.arizona-dealership.com or above

5. payment method: our payment is done via bank-to-bank transfer, cash bank deposit, Cash ATM deposit, money order, credit card, PayPal, western union, MoneyGram.

6. when payment is done, and it has been confirmed by our accounting department then we process shipping within 72 hours

7 . After shipment, the logistic department will send you all the shipping document and your container or vessel tracking details to enable you track your container sailing.

8. delivery usually take 35 – 45 days delivery counting from the day of payment.

9. Payment must be confirmed by the account department before shipping can be process Shipment

10. Please understand that some most cars that have lower price are rebuilt title cars, salvage cars

11. we also act as a broker also should in case you want to sell your car you are welcome

12. all proof of payment must be email to (payment@arizona-dealership.com) and if you have paid you must follow up with shipping department (logistic@arizona-dealership.com)

Please follow the step above to buy any of our cars.

13. all cars are loaded in the container to avoid any form of damages

Texas Luxury Global motors
Arizona-dealership Store



What’s your car worth? Receive the absolute best value for your trade-in vehicle. We even handle all paperwork. Schedule your appointment today!

Our cars are delivered fully-registered with all requirements completed. We’ll deliver your car wherever you are.

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Lennox Wardell
Chief Executive Officer
Sarah Odegard
President of Finance
Lars Jakuba
Executive Vice President
Mikey Diokles
Sales Manager