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Easy step to buy any of our cars from the facebook or website.
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We are called Texas Luxury Global motors LLC Limited we are located in Arizona

our address is (10501 W PAPAGO FWY AVONDALE, AZ 85323)

we are only located here in USA and we do not have any other branch in any part of the world.

however, we do have account in Germany South Africa and Ukraine this was open to benefit buyers who does not want to pay taxes during purchase.

we deal on used cars , New cars all in clear title , rebuild title, salvage title see below procedures

1. first you have to select the car you want to buy and send us the link via Facebook message or to our email ([email protected]).

2. you need to tell us your CIF port destination details, country , city, state, town. normally standard shipment price is $1400

3. then when we receive this information from you we give you instant current quote of car cost, and delivery cost,
please understand that that when you are planing to buy a car from us, you will have to pay for the following charges.
Taxes 15% of the total cost of the car sales , Shipping cost to Europe, Africa, Asia , is $1400 (1999 -2013 model vehicle) and new model cars cost $1600. (2013 -2019 models )
( Taxes is optional) depend on the buyer understanding
if buyer do not want to pay taxes we will give the buyer other company account with less taxes

other expenses to pay during shipping

Insurance cost $500, Optional
paper work cost $100, A must
Loading cost $99, A must

If you do not want to pay for Taxes, Insurance, then buyer will have to make payment to our other country company bank account but not to our USA account this is to avoid Taxes payment.
And if you must use our USA bank account to make payment all the fees quoted above must be paid on any car each interested buyer is buying.

4 . after receiving our car quote & you are okay with our price quote then you can provide your personal information to enable us to issue invoice & contract to you for payment.
personal information include
Buyer full name
Buyer full address
Buyer full delivery address (this is applicable for USA buyer )
Buyer port name
Buyer City town Country
Buyer email and telephone number
Indicate the car you want to buy by sharing the link
Buyer Clear ID copy
Date of payment
Bank name
Total amount

please understand that we do not sell on credit facilities, no installment payment is allowed, we do not finance , and we do not ship car to get paid when car arrive at buyer destination.
all payment must be confirm by our company account department before we can process with shipment.

we are reputable company operating since 2009 once we confirm your payment we process your car for delivery immediately or

we can involve a lawyer in the state here to prepare a contract of sales to secure the transactions whereby both parties sign before final payment

Caution : for those people that have friend and family in united state and you want them to inspect the car before payment , you are most welcome our address can be found on our website
www.arizona-dealership.com (10501 W PAPAGO FWY AVONDALE, AZ 85323)

5. payment method : our payment is done via bank to bank , cash bank deposit, money order , credit card, Bitcoins, cheque.

6. when payment is done and it has be confirmed by our accounting department then we process shipping within 72 hours

7 . After shipment, the logistic department will send you all the shipping document and your container or vessel tracking details to enable you track your container sailing .

8. delivery usually take 35 – 45 days delivery counting from the day of payment .

9. Payment has to be confirm by the account department before shipping can be process Shipment

10. Please understand that some cars are low price because they insurance banks auction cars .

711. we also act as a brokers so the cars we post on Facebook 70% originally belong to us we deal on some cars sales base on commission

12. all proof of payment must be email to ([email protected]) and if you have paid you must follow up with shipping department ([email protected])

Please follow the step above to buy any of our cars


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